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More than just really easy storage solutions.

Whether you want to move it, store it, protect it or relocate it, Wheel Easy has a service to make the job, well, easy. 

Hiring a moving truck, van or ute can be a real hassle. They’re expensive, require a certain amount of skill to park and can be pretty awkward to load. We know, because we’ve found ourselves in that situation more than a few times.

Give yourself a break, and let us do the hard stuff for you. Or if you really insist on doing it yourself, do it right the first time with our range of packaging materials and relocation equipment!

Self Storage

Similar to traditional self-storage, only we bring the unit to you.

Whether you need more room, have downsized or just want rid the house of your ex’s stuff, there’s a mobile self-storage option to suit your budget. 

Here’s what you need to know about using the Wheel Easy self-storage module:

  • We drop off and pick up the module for free.
  • Modules are made from steel & timber, and protect against damp.
  • Choice of two modules: 9.5sqm (2316 x 1116 x 2400) or 7sqm (2268 x 1418 x 2060).
  • Prices start at $79 per module, per month.

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Packing Materials

Everything you need to protect your goods in transit & storage.

Even if you (or your mates) only use them a few times a year, it pays dividends to have key packaging materials like blankets and cartons on hand.

Wheel Easy stocks a wide selection of packing materials - all at affordable prices - including:

  • T-chest/book cartons (assorted sizes).
  • Bubble wrap & blankets.
  • Durable plastic crates (assorted sizes).
  • Tape, packing paper, straps, and more.

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Relocation Equipment

Equipment to move your office - and everything in it - quickly & easily.

Add some method to the madness that is office relocation with Wheel Easy’s robust selection of purpose-built moving equipment, all available on site for purchase.

Having the right moving equipment helps you significantly reduce the time it takes to relocate. Some of our most popular items include:

  • Panel trolleys.
  • Fridge & P-Handle trolleys.
  • Computer capsules.
  • Loading ramps, assorted plastic crates and more.

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